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SwingBack™ Much Better Than A Doorstop

Revolutionary Hardware Device Keeps Doors Open

O R D E R   B E L O W

If you think about it, bedroom and bathroom doors are left in an open position when not being used and closed for only a relatively small amount of time.  Doesn’t it drive you crazy to have these doors partially or completely swing closed by itself simply because the door is out of plumb?  Well now there is a simple patented new product to finally make the door stay open.  Better than a doorstop, SwingBack will keep doors open with a patented reliable torsion coil spring designed to surpass thousands of swinging door cycles - without a weight, rubber wedge, or other typical inconvenient doorstop.


DoorBefore       DoorAfter                  Resized_Spring_Graphic

       Before                      After                             . . .  and here's how it works

 ​Door drifts closed                Door stays open


Now, there is a simple and effective solution to instantly fix those annoying doors that just won’t stay open by themselves.   Quickly install one SwingBack™ on each hinge and your door will remain open – without an inconvenient doorstop – yet easily closes shut when desired.  Click on this little video to learn more.



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Features & Benefits

  • Works automatically – no bending over at the waist like other options
  • Inconspicuous – you can’t even tell it’s there working in the background
  • Installs in seconds
  • Fits all common residential doors – left or right
  • Engineered for long-lasting reliability – SwingBacks have been tested to work reliably for more than 50,000 cycles
  • Made from super-strong music wire - much more reliable than normal coil springs
  • So unique, SwingBack was granted U.S. Patent No. 6,553,623
  • So incredible, SwingBack won the prestigious Retailers’ Choice Award at the 2001 National Hardware Show in Chicago.  This award was given to only the top 43 best products out of more than 150,000 displayed at the convention, selected by a panel of nationally recognized judges.

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