Solid-Core SwingBack

Product no.: 055-90M-109
$8.97 / pack(s)
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Solid-core SwingBacks are 75% stronger than the hollow-core version and has a slightly larger coil diameter. This product is typically used on 1-3/4" thick doors with 4" hinges. The package contains three (3) HD torsion coil springs plus the EZ-Hook™ installation tool. Solid doors typically have three hinges, therefore this set will accommodate one such door.


Sometimes customers will want to use the solid-core SwingBacks on hollow-core doors, believing that the stronger force of the heavier spring will work better.  Not always.  Hollow-core doors are usually 1-3/8” thick and use 3-1/2” hinges.  Solid-core doors are usually 1-3/4” thick and use 4” hinges. 

Because of the specifications required, solid-core SwingBacks require a larger diameter coil body than the lighter hollow-core version, in order to work properly.  This larger coil can often be too big for the typical hinge pin on 3-1/2” hinges such that the springs may actually pop off during use.  If that is the case, first insert a common 5/16” flat washer before installing the solid-core SwingBack onto the hinge pin.  This step will capture the  coil and prevent it from dislodging from your hinge pin.

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